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The heart features caramel pop corns surrounded by violets, wild strawberry, so strong and seductive and pink jasmine. As mentioned before I found an unsealed 1.7oz bottle of miss dior Cherie produced in November,2005,for a bargain and immediately bought then I found it pretty,still I was disappointed maybe because I was looking for a very dominant caramel and popcorn but I couldn't detect them At all;or maybe because so many raving reviews grew up my expectations to a level that I was waiting for something beyond any other then I preferred miss dior absolutely blooming a ten times to this one Now I still love MDAB but I also love miss dior I can understand all positive it's not a foody gourmand.still it's deliciously sweet with a touch of fruitytartness that I find it month-watering.strawberry is the first dominant note my skin and I'm happy to have a strawberry perfume that doesn't spray like cheap child strawberry body mists;on the contrary it's classy,feminine and smells expensive.second strong note is cherry for me and I'm excited to see it without being followed by almond or licorice(though I like that type too)I can also feel caramel's syrupy sweetness,a hint of something unique which I interpret it as popcorn,a subtle,non-disturbing patchouli and delicate clean florals,which reads to me as a light musky-rose-Jasmine I'm glad to see it's delicious notes never completely faind away.The base is created of fresh patchouli leaves and crystalline musk. I can smell syrupy sweet strawberry strongly for hours while patchouli and that light touch of clean floral powder are mingling through,balancing it and adding it whatever makes this girly,youthful,happy,delightful,playful and lively scent,also a classy,feminine,romantic,smart perfume that it is.longevity and sillage are real good and it's a truely lovely fragrance Trying to understand who is in charge in Dior for reformulating and discontinuing a lot of it's amazing and popular juices(miss dior cherie,midnight poison,hypnotic poison sensuel,tender poison, Dior addict,homme intense and recently less amazing miss dior edp)is an impossible effort for me.Miss Dior Cherie is young and romantic, she possesses good taste and style, she looks smart, but youth is youth, and this young lady looks pretty with a pop corn bag in hands.The top notes are wild strawberry leaves and green tangerine.The only perfume I came across that has similar vibes is YSL Mon Paris but not the same but same vibe Miss Dior Cherie is extremely lovely and unusual.The popcorn note is definitely there, lending a salty/buttery tone to the bubbly/sweet backdrop.Call it what you want but this discontinued-perfume-hunt-game is real lmao. Now all that remains on e Bay are 0 listings and I’ll be damned! Anywho, lol, this is my number 1, my holy grail, 90 years old in the nursing home and all I want is this, my FAVORITE PERFUME OF LIFE! I can't explain I just remember this filling the air downtown Chicago in 2005.

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My relationship with Miss Dior Cherie has been so bizarre.So like many others before me, I have to wonder why this was ever discontinued. My 22 year old niece kept smelling me and wouldn’t stop lol. Then finally she came running back to me yelling, “I SMELL THE POPCORN! I actually smelled it on someone else and begged her to tell me what it was and I ordered a bottle straight away. I think I am going to add Poison Girl on top of the MDC to see if it turns more caramel on me. At first when I got the second one I thought I might be getting a 2011 version based on the packaging, but it smells exactly like the 2005.If it wasn't, I'm sure there'd be a full bottle of it somewhere in my future. But there went that Coco Mademoiselle smell again once I put it on. So be aware that the bottle/label/box of MDC changed to the more modern version before the juice inside did!But I guess it's only telling there is no other like it!This was a successful blind buy though I was disappointed at first; back then it smelled like Miss Dior (2012) to me, got disappointed and set it aside. I got the impression of gourmand but chic perfume many have already described so aptly here.

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