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The caramel is there ,but it's not really edible..doubt a bit gourmand-ish, but definitely a chypre. (I don't smell cherry or pineapple, it's more floral than fruity to my nose.) The mandarin is fresh.A well blended perfume with notes that dance together in harmony. This is truly the Miss Dior- stunningly sophisticated and seductively sweet.However at some point, after wearing it a lot, I started to detect a strange nuance in between all the beauty. It was really off-putting and disgusting; I started to think it has gone bad (due to age) and stopped wearing it again. I tried to sell it and swap it several times, but it sat stubbornly on my shelve- like saying I'm here to stay, I'm not going anywhere.

so i gotta test it out being a blind buy i should know better.. Any comparisons at this point are just merely, cute.

This fragrance, although it features the same basic components like its famous predecessor, is not at all a remake of Miss Dior.

Sweet and gourmand notes of pop corns in the heart, so unusual, make this perfume appealing to youngsters.

Cherries and strawberries float in the mix giving it a sweet home-grown vibe.

Visions of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor with swivel stools. The essence of summer ending, drive-ins closing, and warm days turning into autumn. I'm wearing it now actually, and it's (by no surprise) amazing.

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