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Retired market trader Billy, who's 82, has his work cut out trying to tame divorced aromatherapist Sandra. And 21-year-old private nanny Georgia could probably talk the hind legs off a donkey.How does 20-year-old Rhys cope with a constant flow of one-way conversation topics ranging from Georgia's schooling to Georgia's dinner preferences, Georgia's holidays and Georgia's fish phobia?There are separate surname indexes to each of the old counties of Wales including Monmouthshire.

However, bear in mind the social class of the family.

What the sitters wore can also help date a photograph.

The books by Avril Lansdell and Robert Pols are useful for this.

Meanwhile, youngsters Richard and Freya bond over a shared love of musical theatre (20-year-old Oxford graduate Richard is the proud scribe of Ukip: The Musical).

Exec Prod: Nicola Lloyd; Series Editor: Martin Conway; Series Prods: Adam Chapman, Rob Clifford; Senior Prods: Gilly Goshawk, Richard Mills; Prod Co: Twenty Twenty Female-to-male transsexual Charlie hopes to use his Irish charm to win the affections of 22-year-old Charlotte.

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