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What the comparison tells us is that a big cycle ended last October ?

which is why the market has subsequently jumped so sharply ? For Gann enthusiasts, they are worth analysing in more detail.

First, the averaging process should reveal the same archetypal pattern as the learning cycle (and isn? The heavy line is the average of eight 10- to 11-year cycles (ie, after eliminating the information shocks), dating back to 1910; the thinner line with the triangular marking is the last complete cycle, which ran from September 2002 to October 2012; and the dotted line is the expected pattern.

The correlations are remarkable, even if they are only going to be used as a general guide to energy trends.

Becky told me about a marine she stoppeddating after he told her he was u201cusing a penis pump to get biggerfor girls. Im an event planner by trade and love everything aboutit.The presence of a specific pattern that reflects a response to information can be taken as the signature of life. If so, it opens up huge scope for research in other disciplines, such as sub-atomic physics and cosmology. but that the move since then is almost certainly part of an information shock. Such shocks have the standard pattern of an advance followed by a very deep contraction, and they tend to last about 40 months.

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