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Knight and Jemmye may have found love in NOLA, but their relationship recently ended when Knight cheated on Jemmye with his ex-girlfriend.Even more than winning The Challenge, Knight hopes to win back Jemmye's heart and convince her he's a changed man, "She's playing hard to get, but I'm persistent." Knight will also have to set aside his differences with Preston, who is far more at home on the dance floor than the playing field.Hoping to prove she's more than just her stunning good looks, Mc Kenzie rounds out the team, explaining, "I want to show everyone that I am a little angel, but I can also be as intense as they are." Can New Orleans put their issues on the back burner for the sake of competition? Bio: Undoubtedly the feistiest duo on Rivals II, Camila and Jemmye bring explosive personalities, short fuses, and a couple of gnarly accents to the game.

"I don't think it would ever feel right being there without him," she admitted.He was doing what he always did every time he went out, but he was happy, so I guess you need to find some sort of peace with that.Whatever happened, it happened when he was enjoying life and living life." PHOTOS: Stars who got their start on reality TV Still, she struggles sometimes with the fact that their story is so unfinished. Jemmye is determined to take home a win, but stresses, “I have no game plan for working with Knight. I don't know what to expect from us as partners.” Knight seems more interested in pushing Jemmye’s buttons than winning the prize money, “I know how to get under her skin very well.Sometimes I go a little too far with it, but that's who I am at times, a habitual line crosser.” Will this dysfunctional duo be able to overcome their mutual contempt and make it to the Finals?

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