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The final paragraph of Emanuel’s editorial guilt trip contains the following exhortation: “[J]oin me in my new resolution: My medical routine won’t include an annual exam.

That will free up countless hours of doctors’ time for patients who really do have a medical problem.” But the looming physician shortage this will ostensibly forestall has nothing to do with your annual physical.

It’s an artifact of the perverse incentives Ezekiel Emanuel, Jonathan Gruber, and their White House masters built into PPACA.

If Emanuel really wants to prevent a doctor shortage, he should call for the repeal of Obamacare.

, meaning that he believes in certain circumstances that patients should be denied efficacious care, in his case, based on invidious judgments by the medical authorities of the patient’s “quality of life.” This is in keeping with the authoritarian heart of Obamacare and Emanuel’s general thinking–which parallels the trend among the medical intelligentsia to impose a unified morality on all doctors via standards of care guidelines.

That is certainly where Emanuel goes in his current article.

Emanuel been such a consistent and vocal promoter of Obamacare?All of which raises a question: If annual physicals are worthless, why did Dr. Their clinical limitations have long been known, and the President was called out as early as 2008 on his claim that such preventive care would reduce health care expenditures.Nine months before he was elected, the reported, “Barack Obama has argued that ‘too little is spent on prevention and public health.’…Thus, a health care professional cannot deny patients access to medications for mental health conditions, sexual dysfunction, or contraception on the basis of their conscience, since these drugs are professionally accepted as appropriate medical interventions.This would mean that a Catholic doctor who opposes contraception would have to prescribe it–even if she informed her patients before being retained that she practiced medicine in accord with her church’s moral teachings, and would not prescribe birth control.

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