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The second installment, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, takes place the year following the events of the Philosopher's Stone.

During the summer, Ron attempts to write to Harry several times.

Ron plays a vital part in the quest to save the Philosopher's Stone.

His strategy at Wizard's Chess allows Hermione and Harry to proceed safely through a dangerous life-size, animated chess game.

During the game, Ron allows his piece to be sacrificed and is subsequently knocked unconscious.

At the Leaving Feast, the last dinner of the school year, Albus Dumbledore, Hogwarts' Headmaster, awards Ron fifty House points to Gryffindor for "the best-played game of chess Hogwarts has seen in many years." These last-minute points help support Gryffindor's win of the House Cup.

Harry is famous but would prefer to avoid the spotlight; Ron, in comparison, is often perceived as a mere lackey and sometimes becomes jealous of the recognition Harry receives.

Finally, Ron is the most mediocre of his siblings, being (as of the first book) neither an excellent Quidditch player, a noteworthy student, nor the daughter his mother always wanted.

Ron becomes so concerned that he and his brothers Fred and George fly their father's enchanted Ford Anglia car to Harry's home at his aunt and uncle's house.

Harry spends the next month at the Weasleys' home, The Burrow.

While attempting to depart from King's Cross station, Harry and Ron find themselves unable to enter the barrier to access Platform 9¾.

With Harry, Ron conceives the idea of taking the flying Ford Anglia to Hogwarts.

The plan is successful, but the Anglia loses power at the end of the journey and crashes into the Whomping Willow.

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