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It's real important to trust the player you play next to, and me and him are on the same page a lot times even if we don't get to communicate on changes just because we've had so much time playing together. "We're thinking that when we get married we'll move our families in together and have one big house...

It's just a thought." Then, just like the "Wayne's World" skit from "Saturday Night Live" that morphed into a movie starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, they could videotape the show from their basement.

He also sported a Nike "Jumpman" cap worn backwards.

"This is my piggin' shirt," said Magnuson, who is from Carlsbad, California. Coach Harbaugh emphasizes that we're a 'blue-collar' team that works hard.

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"Just like the University of Michigan," said Manguson, "piggin' will live on." Oink, oink.Laughing When Someone Falls, What are your political beliefs?, Glam Freaks, Ellato, Tumblricious, Vin Diesel Fans, Just 4 Fun, Fashion, HYGO TV, Kane Brown, MTV's Teen Mom & Teen Mom 3 Fanpage, Running really fast through a dark room so nothing will kill you ., Running really fast through a dark room so nothing will kill you ., DICK' S Sporting Goods, Never Too Old, Luke Acheson, Hilarious Stuff, Running really fast through a dark room so nothing will kill you, W T F, Amaizing Natural View N Clips, Lo L'd Dick Move, Watertown Mc Donald's, Dave Ramsey, Cody Sunderland for Marshall County Sheriff, Watertown Dances with Eccentrix Mobile DJ, Abandoned South Dakota, David Francisco, Milkweed 4 Monarchs, Farmen For Roberts County Sheriff, O’Connor Woodworking, Police and LEOs, It's Your Party, Elks Lodge 838, South Dakota Tourism, BC HAIR DESIGNZ, Luckless Matt, Puppy Mill Free South Dakota, 9.10 Boards, Clausen Construction, Inc., BrüMate, Listables, Wedding.com, Do They Know It?"It's a show, and maybe we'll put it on You Tube," he said Monday afternoon (Sept. "Depending on how much criticism Coach (Harbaugh) thinks we'll get for it. Filming is tonight, and so we could be launching tonight or tomorrow..never." Where's the studio? "Just understand that the defensive line is a bunch of pigs," said Magnuson. Joel Zimmer, a Michigan graduate and the executive producer of CNBC's "Blue Collar Millionaires," tweeted out a poster from @JCZimmer LA that was a takeoff on the poster Wolverine director of football creative, (@Aaron BDesigns), designed for Harbaugh's quarterback camp earlier this year at Michigan that included elite NFL quarterbacks serving as instructors. He works so hard when it comes to his craft of football.Zimmer had Magnuson, who sports a 10-month-old beard, most prominent in his spoof poster, posing in a passing set position with the football in both hands. Harbaugh was asked what he liked about Magnuson both as a player and for the spirit he brings. He likes to joke around and have a good time and keeps everyone else around him relaxed.

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