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All fragrances will be available in amount of 100ml (3.4 oz) edt.D&G Anthology L`Imperatrice 3 is advertised by Naomi Campbell, and the perfume features aromas of watermelon, kiwi, pink cyclamen and musk. I've been reluctant to review it because it was a gift from my best friend, and sadly it's in a category of perfumes I loathe: overly sweet fruit. This is really pretty..groundbreaking or amazing..fresh and clean smelling.This is a blind-buy for me, after reading so many good reviews here and on various blogs.It is indeed a successful purchase, it smells like a summer cocktail, very refreshing, sweet and pleasant.

If you need to suffer through a whole recipe to make eating your store-bought dessert acceptable then it's time to accept the fact that said dessert, is shit.

Nothing smells natural, it's a synthetic mess and it smells like a typical cheap department store perfume on me. The watermelon is really upfront and the kiwi and rhubarb are not far behind.

It settles quickly into something a little musky and slightly powdery.

However, it smells very similar to another perfume I own, which is Oriflame - Northern Beauty.

They both have a very strong melon note and they are both not so long lasting.

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