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I have been fortunate to have acquired a few real honest-to-God 'lost' gems; guitars that have never been played or spent their lives hidden away in a case in a closet or under a bed. But the story of Vox guitars actually dates back to the late ’50s. had distributed a variety of musical instruments—including European-made guitars—since the early ’50s, but by late 1959, JMI (which by this time was called Jennings Musical Idustries) had decided to phase in their own line of Vox electric guitars built in the U. A series of budget model electrics were outsourced by company founder Tom Jennings to Stuart Darkins & Co.

of Shoeburyness—a woodworking factory that produced furniture and “fancy goods.” The result was a series of primitive Vox electric guitars with model names such as the Ace, Duotone, Shadow, and Stroller.

By early 1961, Jennings hired a team of guitar builders including Bob Pearson, Ken Wilson, and Mick Bennett to make Vox guitars at the Jennings factory in Dartford, Kent.Fast neck action and it's much lighter that it looks. It all appears original to the guitar and may have been a one-off trade show spec guitar. This was Vox's top of the line for their hollow body style series. On this page you will be able to view my personal collection of Vox guitars.I am not a professional grader by any means but I do attempt to assign some system of subjective grading so that the viewer can appreciate how these old guitars have survived the last 40 odd years.

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