Updating panasonic blu ray player

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I've been a bad blu-ray owner and am having trouble updating the firmware on my Panasonic DMP-BD605 machine.

I have version 1.1 on the machine, and the latest version is 2.5.

Set Up Power Connection Blu Ray Settings Blu Ray Network Update Blu Ray Update Notifications Community Q&A Sony Blu Ray players are designed to be updated frequently with the newest programming, called "firmware." Although the updates used to be done with a disc, they can now be performed over the Internet.

Learn more about how to update a Sony Blu Ray player.

This let people rip bit-perfect copies of their DVD discs and distribute them online.

With Blu-ray, they wanted to prevent this and introduced more extensive copy protection.

Player is downstairs, I\u0027m typing this upstairs.) When it was done, the disk tray opened up like it said in the instructions. Your player was not done doing the update or you did not save the file as an image & your got an error disk message, your lucky you did not brick it, try it again & let it do it's thing, it will take anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. And will it work if I follow instructions similar to what I'm seeing here? Andrew Help, my PC with Windows 10 won't shut down properly Since upgrading to Windows 10 my computer won't shut down properly.

However, instead of getting the FINISH message the instructions said I should get, I got a message that said E DISK (or something similar. all makes me sound very tech-unsavvy, which I suppose I am. I use the menu button shutdown and the screen goes blank, but the system does not fully shut down.

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Content and services vary by product and are subject to change without notice.You can update the player using the latest software to enhance the product operation and/or add new features.You can update the software by connecting the unit directly to the software update server.I downloaded the update from Panasonic's web site onto my wife's computer (Windows 7) and burned it onto a CD-R by dragging it and dropping it.When I put the CD into the DVD player, it said BYE like it was supposed to, and a message came on the display that said UFr (or something similar.

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