Updating intelisense

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Please ask Inteli Sense IT if you would like assistance with your hardware and infrastructure needs.

My colleagues and I are using VS2012 for some weeks now.

Where ERP solutions are required, clients may have different needs and processes and a generic solution may not be the ideal solution.

With this in mind, Microsoft allow for vertical solutions by creating a pricing point where local Hosting suppliers can provide a “cloud solution” for you, still giving the monthly invoicing without large capital costs for infrastructure and software.

Reopen your project, let the Intellisense finish building, then it should be fixed. I commented out "#define ABC 1" in the header file, and added "ABC=1;" to the Project Properties- None of these worked for me, but I finally got it working by disabling Resharper.

I had an issue with razor Intellisense not working at all in one of my projects. I was finally able to resolve the issue by changing the webpages version in the web config to instead of shown below: None of the above helped to fix Intellisense on my devbox (VS2012). As a temporary workaround I modify #if ABC into #if 1//ABC, and then revert change back after I finish editing the block. I'm not sure why it was necessary because I have another LS solution where intellisense is working fine.

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Here, location depends on Visual Studio Version %App Data%\Microsoft\Visual Studio.0\Reflected Schemas -For VS 13 Solution 4 Next, reset the Settings from the following location.

This is the order of steps that I go through: I had some bad xaml code.

It wasn't giving an error when compiling, but it was still preventing the intelli Sense from working properly within the xaml file.

Hi @all, yesterday, I downloaded the new May 2017 Update. Changing the regional settings to English(US) brings no changes.

Everything looks fine, but when I write DAX Formulas the Intellisense outputs only nonsense.

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