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How about the guy with severe appearance deformities, negative game, and a psychiatric disorder who decides to hit Thailand in order to sleep with a dozen prostitutes? Explain to me how it’s smart for any society to prevent millions of sexually frustrated men from getting their biological needs met.For feminists to deny fucking these “losers” and then shame them at the same time for paying prostitutes is nothing short of cruel.

Yet as I’ve said before, how you’ll do abroad is based on how well you do at home.For beta males and white knights, the insult allows them to deny the fact that other men are pulling quality women while they’re getting nothing but turd droppings from butch feminists.They want to believe that a man who does “dating travel” only gets uneducated, diseased women who have AIDS and large vaginal sores.It’s much easier for him to fire off the insult than to tighten his game, stop playing video games, stop pedastalizing masculine women, and undertake the challenge of world travel where English may not be the dominant language.There is no snappy retort when someone uses the insult because it comes from two deeply held beliefs of self-preservation: 1.

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