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Remember that developing a good habit is as infectious as starting a bad one and it won't be long before you simply can't go without that HIIT or yoga session in your day. Did you dance ballet, play the drums in your parent's basement or attend swim school?

Moving your body releases oxytocin ('the love hormone') which is a hormone released during sex or moments of extreme joy, so exercise is the gateway to living a happier and healthier life. Whatever it was, now is a great time to revisit those activities.

Go for a run, dance, join one of the many gym boxes that have opened up or attend a yoga class.

There are many channels to help you get back into shape.

Very often, we tend to side-step a series of red flags in a relationship out of a strong desire for it to work out.

Has single life been handed down to you like a dead fish on a plate? Are you feeling lost, frustrated, angry, hurt, powerless, sad or a combination of all of the above?

If you are still figuring out why it all went to shit from those dreamy first few months together, then here are five essential tips that helped me rise above those sleepless nights and re-discover the joys of starting out all over again.

One way which has helped me release emotions is through writing.

Whip out a pen and paper and allow your hand to run free. Soon your emotions will wash away just like your tears wash away the ink from those pages.

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