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I've already recommended MSGTAG to many of my friends and professional contacts."Once again, thanks to you and your company for providing such excellent service to back up a really good product! MSGTAG works alongside your existing mail program and finally gives you some proof that your email got through.

"Malcolm Johnson"I have found MSGTAG to be the reliable independent receipt verifier, and so far, nothing beats it"Jonathan Crow"It's a GREAT program, I don't know how I managed without it."Roy Conley"Only had MSGTAG a few days and think its brilliant! "Rhonda Forrest, Canada"I've been using the Internet for five years. So now you don't have to wonder, because you'll know.

Most of what I buy is OK, serves the purpose, but I don't really go 'Wow'. It's great to know when people have looked at your messages. MSGTAG read receipts take the uncertainty out of email delivery by allowing you to deliver emails, instead of just sending them.

Read what our users are saying:"I've been using MSGTAG for only a couple of weeks now — and I love it. "Dave Sibley"I just want to say how very much I enjoy this application!Sometimes it's really great to have evidence that your message was receieved: "read proof".You might need read proof because someone you billed is claiming to never have received the invoice."I never got your message" is a pretty common excuse.It would be great to have some read proof to show them.

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