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A few MSGTAG users have even told us that they use read proof to figure out who is serious on dating sites.

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Have you ever assigned a job to someone who you knew didn't want to actually do it?MSGTAG will notify you when it's read via an emailed confirmation, pop-up message, or an SMS text message.Please note that the read receipt dashboard view that shows you a history of every time you've been notified, the notify pop-up and SMS notifications are only available in MSGTAG Status 2.It really IS a great little utility"Bob Arnowitt, New Jersey, USA"I purchased MSGTAG and LOVE it!!! I purchased two licenses and had no idea how much I would value this software. It is so good with dealing in online transactions to know when mail is opened. In a world where we deal in email and long distance communication so heavily, this application proves its worth! "Gordon Barton, Twin Falls, ID"Congratulations on MSGTAG - I don't think I could live without it now!"Tony Mac Donnell, UK"I have been using MSGTAG for the last couple of months and am absolutely staggered by its performance.

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