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That is an epic amount to have on one’s plate, yet he remains grounded and grateful for work, its inherent challenges and the payoff to playing one of TV’s top superheroes.

Here, in the first half of our two-part chat, Amell opens up about this week’s pivotal episode, what he has learned from his friends at Supernatural and what fans can expect once Oliver comes clean with his bride-to-be.

It’s just been so nice to see the balance of Oliver being a little further away from the tortured action hero with these great emotional levels. It’s a very interesting thing to play a character for so long—I know that Season 4 of a television show is certainly not uncharted territory by any means—but that being said, it’s a matter of the amount of time you get on set and the amount of reps you get as an actor…you really don’t have a choice but to hopefully become better.

On his main gig, his Oliver Queen is knee-deep in both a battle against evil and his own conscience as he faces the music for lying about his secret child, William, from fiancée Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards).

And it seems like this week’s episode is kind of a combination of all of that stuff because you have (Megalyn E.

K.) coming in to help with the Damien Darhk situation and you also have to deal with the secret child stuff.

How do you think fans are going to feel at the end of this hour?

I feel like there is resolution to Oliver keeping his secret.

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