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Acceptance or rejection of a previously submitted application, classification or reporting form can be viewed from SNAP-R.

Final validations may include an electronic Export/Re-Export/Transfer(in-country) License facsimile, electronic Commodity Classification facsimile, electronic Exception AGR Notice facsimile or electronic License Exception STA Eligibility Request Notice facsimile.

SNAP-R Online Help for Exporters The purpose of the Redesigned Simplified Network Application Process (SNAP-R) is to enable exporters to submit Export License applications, Re-export applications, Commodity Classification requests, License Exception Agricultural Commodities (AGR) notices, License Exception STA eligibility requests, and associated supporting documents to the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) via the Internet.

SNAP-R enables exporters to provide submissions directly to BIS via an Internet connection and a web browser.

SNAP-R allows exporters to submit Export License applications, Re-Export License applications, License Exception AGR Notices, License Exception STA eligibility requests and Commodity Classification requests via the Internet.

You must have a Company Identification Number (CIN) to access SNAP-R.

Before Starting - Register: Obtain a Company Identification Number (CIN) and activate a user account.Mozilla Firefox and Chrome do not require Active X.For a better user experience, SNAP-R stores a small text file, known as a "cookie", in the user's browser for the duration of the user's session, i.e.SNAP-R will use this email address to communicate when new messages (acknowledgements, validations, or requests) are available to be viewed online through SNAP-R.Create a Work Item by filling out the online forms and (if applicable) attaching supporting documentation in PDF format.

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