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Hypnotherapy, Positive Change Coach, Life Skills Coach - Tampa, FL Good luck and welcome to the forum. I have very high standards and unfortunately I was not able to meet anyone who fit my standards either.

Well, I don't think that he sounds judgemental at all! I feel the girls here either are too slutty, act too stuck up for their own worth and have nothing to offer for me in a relationship.

I asked why not mentally commit the psycho and they said no grounds?!???! This is a tough place to move to/adapt to coming from where you were, and believe me is better suited for much later in life versus your current age (and career path).

If you're looking for a place with somewhat intellectual, somewhat friendly career-oriented people around your age I would recommend getting out of here and heading to cities like Raleigh/Durham, Denver or Minneapolis where you don't have the hyper-competitiveness in terms of 24/7 career focus (and job talk) yet a sizable population of well-educated singles (around 40% of population has a college degree), plus people who are generally open to meeting others and lacking in the pretension found in some more high profile cities.

Speed Dating Boca Raton™ introduces singles to each other at fun and exciting speed dating events and singles parties in Boca Raton.

Our events take place in restaurants, lounges and other upscale venues.

Ybor itself is a death wish waiting to happen, on 2 occasions I have been there someone gets shot. A few places crossed my mind up north (Maryland, Mass, Seattle, North Carolina? I think you just saved me from Alaska and my marriage! I travel for work all over the states and am self employed, but my home is here since my family lives here too. My problem is that my social life here is awful and I have noticed that it has brought me down to a level of people I normally should not be in company of.I moved to phoenix because my husband has a career here. I never in my life met so many dysfunctional parasitic people per capita. Ybor brings all kinds of people from all the surrounding areas imaginable starting since age 16 and up. I feel depressed here, have no friends and often find spending time alone to avoid the Tampa crap. ) I will have to rent first but also dont want to blow a lot of money on rent either.Let me just give 2 MINOR examples: first, neighbor beside locks her child outside during day and early evening hours, the child comes to my house to get out of the outdoors. Second, my husbands insane girlfriend decided to list me as emergent contact at hospital, in which she went bat **** crazy and the doctor called me out of work to come get her! Is it sane to rip out an IV and say the hospital people are trying to kill you!!?!?!?! So now I am considering moving out of Florida and am willing to sacrifice the weather for a better quality of life and social life for me and my future and for business. As a Florida native who has lived in places you're more likely to find happiness, I get where you're coming from.We have kids, and finding other parents to hang out with has proved quite daunting here..in the worst sense...someone once said "let's have a playdate", and when I asked when they're comping to get the kids, she said in around 8 hours!I am not a daycare, this was a "first time" playdate, and not a sleepover! We're from there, and frankly I share your sentiment about Tampa's social life, but in Miami we had the best time!

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