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On July 20, Markle tricked a desk clerk at the Homewood Suites in Lexington, Kentucky into drinking another person’s urine. The guest was told it was the front desk calling and that a prior guest had tested positive for Hepatitis C.

The guest was then told there was a doctor on site and a simple urine test could determine if the guest was infected.

On June 6, 2009, a prank was made on a Holiday Inn Express in Conway, Arkansas.

The caller posed as a representative from the company that installed the hotel’s fire sprinkler and claimed the system needed to be reset by pulling the fire alarm.

Pranks that created sufficient havoc were posted on You Tube.

In February 2009, "Dex" called a KFC restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Using the pretense of a ruptured gas line, the caller persuaded each guest to break a window and then throw the television out.

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After Pranknet users were banned from Paltalk, the company was subjected to multiple DDo S attacks.

Later that night, "Dex" tweeted: "I just pulled off the most epic prank.

I had a hotel guest back his truck into the hotel front window (in the lobby), and break the window." The post was deleted in late July.

The next suggestion from the caller was to break the front windows of the hotel.

A truck driver staying at the hotel volunteered, and under direction from "Dex", the man drove his semi-trailer truck into the front door.

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