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Is there anyway I can tell if this is a 1953 and also can someone e-mail me a picture of correct color of the TO 30. Allison I am looking at buying a TO30 that has a three speed auxillary transmission, in addition to the regular 4-speed. He is an experienced mechanic but not with this tractor. The lift to the up position responds well but it does not hold at lower positions for plowing, grading, etc.. The manure spreader was Ferguson too and had a pintle hook hole.

Any suggestions I just bought an old ferguson and I really dont know if its a TO 20 or a TE 20. The loader was quite light but very, very efficient.

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The remaining is painted what looks like a Ford grey. Can anyone tell me where to get a good shop manual with instructions and diagrams of the Z-120 continental engine. I do see casting # s on the transmission housing rear end . it still gets used today and i also tractor pull with it i am also looking for some fenders for it let me now if anybody has any I have a 1950 TO30 ferguson that still runs great except for a slight hydraulic problem. I remember it being delivered new around 1950 /- 2 years. It had a bracket that fit on rear 3 point hitch arms with a pintle hook.Was wondering if theres a way to tell them apart,im not really up to date on ferguson s and would like to find out before i start trying to refurbish the tractor..... Keith I have a TO35 with a weak lift the longer you use it the weaker it gets. could unhook by lowering hydraulics and just drive ahead , load in a couple of minutes and backup to spreaderand hook up again without leaving the seat.I think its the lift cylinder needs rebuilding I have a rebuild kit for the pump and a new pressure relife valve can any one tell me what parts i need for the lift cylinder and lift arm bushings? I am in need of getting the governor operating correctly. You could take the loader off in minutes just leaving the main brackets.Also, if someone would post answers to the most common questions (like where to find parts & manuals) would be helpful- I need this information just like the 50 before me! However, the machinist who repaired all the parts said that there is a schematic of the "proper putting back together sequence" or else things will break again. We are experiencing problems with lifting our tiller and blade - we thought it was a broken valve - we fixed that, but continue to have the problem. The Tractor serial# is TO-130561 and i am looking for any info i can get. I am brand new to this antique tractor hobby, as I have just inherited my father's 'Ferguson TO series'. Its in very good condition,complete except for exhaust system. Its in very good condition,complete except for exhaust system. On mine a have a lever that sounds like what you just mentioned, mine controls the up and down movement for my front end bucket.I have looked through my service manual and found no such schematic. I also need an exhaust manifold for the Continental Motor it has in it. Ser # 45510, my dad has used this tractor for 32 years strictly for side-bar mowing, and it is all original. This was my father-in-laws tractor for the last thirty years. This was my father-in-laws tractor for the last thirty years. I just purchased a 1950 seri.#TE-25749 this year and i am proud to own one. Whin i purchased the tractor,it has set for 6 put in a hot battery and belive it or not the thierd crank it fired right up,and still starts on the first cranck. It's kind of like a back hoe bucket except it has a manual tilting bucket.

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