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The receptionist could not give me an appointment for five days.

I was in discomfort and asked if I could see the doctor sooner. When my appointment finally came, the receptionists at the surgery were rather rude to me.

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But I have never forgotten this shaming experience or how devastated I was to be so mistreated by a health service I not only trusted, but had devoted so much of my life to.When our next child was born - at home - we weren’t registered to a GP. By then, we’d gone three years without medical care, except from by midwives. Had we had any serious illnesses, it could have been a different story.Finding sex has never been safer or more convenient.An investigation ensued, witnesses were called and our complaints against the practice and the PCT were upheld.Both were found guilty of maladministration and, crucially, the practice was deemed to have contravened the Royal College of General Practitioners’ guidelines, which state that making a complaint against your GP is not sufficient reason to be struck off.

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