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His older ladies are rising stars in their own right, with Rumer enjoying acting success while Scout and Tallulah are both thriving artists.Cade Huckabay, a man from Beaumont, southern Texas, shared an image of his face following the worst sunburn of his life.If sun poisoning has reached the point of a high temperature, vomiting or acute pain, it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible.Sun poisoning can otherwise be treated by having a cool bath, taking paracetamol, and staying well hydrated. According to Cancer Research UK, getting sunburnt even just once every two years makes you three times more likely to develop skin cancer.Bruce made time for some fun and games, holding onto a colorful balloon creation for his daughter.He also made sure to keep a toy tiger safe, making sure his little ones didn't lose their prize plush.

“Because of the nature of your skull, the fluid has to run down somewhere as it won’t stay on top of your head due to gravity.

The picture quickly went viral with more than 100,000 retweets, and many sharing their own cases of excruciating sunburn.

But it wasn’t just that Huckabay’s face was red, bordering on purple. Huckabay had recently shaved his head and therefore the skin was particularly sensitive to the sun.

Later, the the Sixth Sense actor joined older daughter Mable who showed her dad the view from atop a nearby ledge.

Bruce and model Emma were married in 2009 The Moonlighting actor has three older girls from his marriage to actress Demi Moore: Rumer, 28, Scout, 26, and Tallulah, 23.

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