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202 As the last of Royal Enfield 500cc Twins, the now very rare Meteor Minor formed part of a small number of models that became the cornerstone of Royal Enfield’s production.

The Meteor Minor’s production run was relatively short from 1958 until ’63 and despite being widely considered now as one of the more superior models, at the time it struggled to compete with its 500cc rivals.

The Vlogger said that he is making a video for his own You Tube channel and it is not his bike.

The cops did not issue a challan but asked him no to shoot the bike on the main roads.

Customisation is a big marketplace in many international countries.

If India can regulate the modifications and put a simpler process of getting the modifications approved, it will go a long way towards enhancing the automotive culture of the country.

The machine remained in that area until the 1970s; in 1995, the previous custodian purchased the Royal Enfield and used the motorcycle infrequently, covering just fifty-nine miles in eighteen years. The Meteor Minor remains in good, smart and clean condition.

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According to the law, it is illegal to modify the structure or colour of a vehicle.Another way is to add features that do not interfere with the structure of the motorcycle.For example, you can add auxiliary lamps and a remote locking system but you cannot add a performance sprocket or change the handlebar of the motorcycle.The data privacy policay is available to view on request but in summary, we only use your data to provide the products and services that you have requested from us.We may contact you in the future as advised with MIllenium Motorcycles and our nominated partner suppliers to ensure the ongoing safety and care of your vehicle, and that any policies are maintained and where consent is provided for the replacement of your vehicle and bike care related products.

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