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For instance, if a column displays dates, it will utilize the Date Edit in-place editor.To invoke an in-place editor and modify a record, an end-user must double-click a cell or focus it, and press Enter or Space.This can be useful when each particular cell is valid, but the entire row with these values is incorrect. To manually trigger row validation, call the Column View. Add(i 1) bln Err Found = True End If End If Next 'If errors found, lets append them to our message' If bln Err Found Then o Error Msg.

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The figure below illustrates an embedded Chart Control. To embed other controls you need to implement it manually. Hide Editor Closes the currently active editor and discards any changes. Close Editor Saves any changes made and closes the currently active editor. Post Editor Saves any changes made without closing the currently active editor. Active Editor Retrieves the currently active editor. Shown Editor Fires whenever an in-place editor activates.In the sample below, focus automatically moves to the cell below after an editor for the current cell closes.This allows your end-users to quickly change values of multiple cells that belong to the same column by entering new values and pressing Enter (or Escape).In order to embed a control, it must implement the Dev Express. Embedded Gauge Control: Demo | Example Embedded Chart Control: Demo | Example By default, in-place editors are used for both presenting data and editing records. In the code sample below, a numeric column utilizes Progress Bar Control in-place editors to display data. The code below automatically sets the current date and opens the Date Edit popup when end-users activate the Column View.If needed, you can use separate in-place editors for both tasks. When end-users focus cells, Spin Edit editors replace progress bars, which provide a more straightforward way of modifying cell values. Hidden Editor Fires whenever an in-place editor closes.

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