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I have a masters degree in speech/language pathology, and the idea of thinking someone is more worthy as a human being than me because they have taken more courses (maybe been even more brainwashed by liberal academia, too, ya never know;)) is certainly not something I would take seriously. The apostlles, even Yahshua, didn't even have their bachelor's degrees!

If I were you I would let my "sign" be that I get a feeling of peace about this fellow from our Heavenly Father.

They are to become one, not tied to the ol' parental apron strings.

Of course listen to parents, that is part of honoring them.

I think it's because it would be hard for me to HAVE that peace without the complete support of my mother--despite her craziness, and the billion things upon which we disagree, we're very close. Probably, well I should say certainly because now Daddy is the leader of it and Charles is taking good care of me.......

I didn't listen to my mom the first time I got married...... The second time I married she wasn't too sure either...... she didn't like it that it was a man 15 years older than me...... my mom is finally at ease at home now she knows I am well taken care of.......... well she's proud as a mom can be when she's taught him the name of another veggie....... so this husband is definitely a keeper for me and for her.......

I have had something weighing on my heart for a while and I wanted to ask for your opinions. The boy is a Christian and a wonderful person, and I feel happy when I am with him.

Although we are not passionately "in love" in the puppydog storybook sense, my affection for him is growing with every hour we spend together.

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Two of my daughters have been married and divorced, one is still with her husband. I have learned to love my son and daughter-in -law. Obviously some parents are good, wise and well intentioned, and some are not.

She even tried to comfort me by telling me "Hey, it's okay, I might change my mind--you never know!

" So in other words, I do have her nominal blessing, but still get the sense that she silently disapproves. Wait and see let them atleast meet the man and go from there.

It seems like such a shallow reason that normally I would disregard it, but I prayed specifically at the start of this relationship that "God, if this is the one, please let my parents' approval be a sign to me." I've talked to my mother about it--describing his good attributes and that, despite the lack of Ph.

D, he is quite brilliant, and she seemed reluctant to give her full opinion.

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