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If so many people of the establishment are showing such severe opposition for a project in some remote part of Bosnia it can only mean that Dr Osmanagich is on to something groundbreaking. Although the pyramid of the sun is covered with vegetation one can clearly see that it consist of four triangular faces; it has clear edges; the slope is consistent on each side from bottom to top and all sides meet at an apex.Excavations have shown that the pyramid has been built by blocks of concrete.These main outcomes are summarised in a paper in Science.

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Moreover, the EHCs are intertwined with and fundamental to many other chronologies of the ancient Near East.The Egyptian Historical Chronologies (EHCs) are the timelines of Egyptian rulers, as constructed by historians throughout the centuries.They have been compiled from ancient king-lists on papyri and stone, and been enhanced by archaeological evidence.Between the concrete blocks used to build the Pyramid of the Sun, the archaeologist working on the excavations were fortunate to find two fossilised leaves.During the pyramid construction the wind blew leaves that were covered with the top block of concretes and trapped inside.

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