Pyramids carbon dating project

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Although construction of the EHCs has employed an extensive amount of historical research, comparatively few attempts have been made to cross-check them using direct scientific dating techniques.The aim of this project was to investigate the consistency of the historical chronologies with dates obtained via the radiocarbon method.

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Other compositional analyses (Environmental SEM, PIXE, Raman & FTIR spectroscopy) were also be carried out on selected samples.

As the exciting discoveries of the Bosnian Pyramids are gaining international publicity academics and so-called experts continue to refute the findings and request the project´s termination.

Anthony Harding, the president of the European archaeological association even organised a petition to stop the project.

The Egyptian Historical Chronologies (EHCs) are the timelines of Egyptian rulers, as constructed by historians throughout the centuries.

They have been compiled from ancient king-lists on papyri and stone, and been enhanced by archaeological evidence.

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