Picasa is updating

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So, if you move a folder of pictures to another computer, then install Picasa, it will be able to read the album designations from the file in the folder, and recreate your albums for you. I have three things to say about that: So, my recommendation is to go ahead and upgrade to 3.9.It has some cool new effects, and one really important change under the hood with Albums. Be prepared to wait a bit, this is a bigger file than past versions. Follow the instructions to download, then install or Run.

You might be able to upgrade by clicking on Help and Check for Updates but more often than not, this won’t inform you about new versions.Native applications for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X (Intel only) were available from Google.For Linux, Google bundled Wine with the Windows version to create an installation package.But, if you go along with Google, you might even find you like Google Plus!I’m still just hoping they improve the Folder/Collections sidebar!

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