Passport 8500 updating

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There is a large button located on top of the detector that allows it to be pulled from the mount.This is great if you're looking to stash the detector while not in use without trying to remove the suction cups from the windshield.Used my radar detector today on a round trip of 300 miles in rural and urban Louisiana and Mississippi.Long range of detection for law enforcement radar units which included county, city and state police. I like the fact that you can monitor several different radar bands at the same time and the mute button is priceless.It features two suction mounts that hold the detector securely in place.The coolest mounting feature has to be the quick release on the radar detector.Since I'm a Blackberry guy, I asked my buddy Brian Sherman (who has had every iteration of i Phone ever made) to test it out for me on his road trip to the Long Beach Grand Prix. (Garry)My friend asked me to review an Escort Passport 8500 X50 radar detector the other day.

Smart Cord Live is a unique feature that connects your radar detector to a live network of Smart Cord Live users via the i Phone app.Part of the power cord is coiled and the rest is straight.Three's more than enough cable for my WRX and my Excursion.We arranged to meet so I could pick up the product and begin the experiment. One contains the Passport 8500 X50 radar detector and the the optional Smart Cord Live adaptor is in the other.The latter enables you to join a community of Smart Cord Live users via a special i Phone app said to provide real-time ticket protection.

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