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Note: The ACMA database covers all spectrum uses, not just mobile service up?p ACCESS_ID=1380640&p DEVICE_ID=1377458 I'm not sure what it is exactly other than being a Telstra asset and running around the 900 Mhz band.Yep, I've heard of that, but thought it best not to mention it as it might confuse Ewen even more ;-)*He seems to be getting the gist of the jargon now and will hopefully find more info on his local access woes, thanks to your assistance...Hi Guys, I noticed Telstra have dropped the price of some of the prepaid modems.

OK, I'm having problems with that service displaying info as shown in the postimg link.Setting to medium power gave me plenty of range for my domestic use. I chose the Plus over the Ultimate due to the extra frequencies that is offers.Googling will reveal the frequencies offered by the various devices as against the frequencies in use at your location(s).What I can say is that the MF91 does not connect to Telstra's 4G services, and most of the time I see "DC" or "H" on the reception indicator, with the occasional "3G" flitting in and out.And getting back to the Wiki there are a number of initials (they're technically not acronyms) which pertain to the various flavors of LTE or 4G.

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    Gemeinsam mit Bombardier Transportation wurde von 20 eine Modernisierung der Triebzüge in Technik, Ausstattung und Design vorgenommen.

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