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The Berkeley middle school teacher who made headlines this week after going on Fox News to defend the role of violent protest in shutting down “racist, misogynistic and homophobic” messages is asking her supporters to push back against the outpouring of calls that have come into the school district to have her fired.

The district said a parent of one of Felarca’s former students later got in touch, in response to fliers being handed out at Berkeley High in support of Felarca, saying Felarca had previously “marginalized Caucasian students” in the classroom and “did not present a balanced view of controversial issues in the classroom.” “Under no circumstances may you try to present material to students in a biased and one-sided manner in order to try to influence or indoctrinate students into a particular way of of thinking,” BUSD wrote.

We also strongly condemn the use of violence in confronting speech, even speech we might find abhorrent or counter to the values of our community.” As of publication time, a petition calling for Felarca to be fired had garnered more than 5,700 signatures, up from 4,000 about 24 hours earlier.

Felarca has been involved in a public struggle with BUSD since September when the district placed her on paid leave following widespread reports and video showing her punching a man at a white nationalist rally in Sacramento in late June.

Burress said one King parent called him directly to express support for Felarca, and that, as far as he knew, perhaps two email messages had come in to the district voicing a similar message.

The district has catalogued a long list of what it has characterized as possible grounds for dismissal dating back to 2009, but has been unable or unwilling to terminate Felarca’s employment.

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