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With most of their food gone, the group plans to go to the American Embassy.

They find the city full of scorched cars and cinders, but empty of people, except for a wary old woman who warns them of "the ghosts".

Americans Ben and Sean (Max Minghella and Emile Hirsch) travel to Moscow to sell their social networking/party locating software.

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An alien senses them outside the Faraday cage and gives chase; Anne hesitates following Vika and goes another way, causing Natalie to follow her back inside.He has also developed a microwave gun that weakens an alien's force field, so that it can actually be seen and killed.Vika and Sergei translate the message, which says that a nuclear submarine K-152 Nerpa is waiting in the Moscow River to take survivors to safety.The lights go out in the club and everyone heads outside. Balls of light fall from the sky and then fade away.When a policeman investigates he is disintegrated, killing him instantly.

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