Meaning intimidating eyes

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The surprised face is one of the most instinctual faces we make.

Most of the time we do not consciously make the face—it is an instantaneous reaction to something.

When preparing for or engaging in a conflict, apes can size one another up and gauge their chances of winning a fight by examining the demeanor of the opposition and their energy level.

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Eyebrows are also frequently raised in an attempt to stay awake.It may be the defeat (and shame) that follows from losing a game, not meeting expectations that you set for yourself, or failing to meet the standards that others have set for you.These broad terms manifest themselves in endless ways, but all return to the simple feeling of shame that evolved from admitting loss.If one is focused on a thought or idea on the other hand, they may be looking upward or with eyes averted to the side. Interestingly, when someone is focusing on accomplishing a task either cognitive or physical, their tongue will twist and move from side to side. This is known as “motor disinhibition,” a phenomenon in which more of the brain’s energy is devoted to the task and less is focused on keeping other parts of the body stagnant.The phenomenon is not limited to the tongue—for some, the eyes may blink less for the same reason.

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