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I’ve never met a crazier, more dysfunctional family in the whole of Hollywood,” says Michelle Phillips—and she should know.

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“You can be in show business and have a happy, productive life.“I just made it a point to try and be a part everyone’s lives,” says Mackenzie, who has a 9-year-old son, Shane, from a relationship with musician Shane Fontayne, and is now touring the U. “In some ways you think, ‘Oh, I want the nuclear family, the mom and dad and brother and sister all under one roof,’ ” says Chynna, who lives in the same Manhattan apartment building as half brother Austin and is currently in negotiations for her own TV sitcom. We have to extend ourselves to be with one another, and we make the effort.” Indeed, the rebellious hippie parents seem to have spawned a generation of domesticated nesters.Jeffrey Phillips, married since 1989 to a medical researcher and the father of Lauren, 6, John Christian, 4, and Shelley, 20 months, works in a San Francisco Bay area branch of a mortgage company. “I’m an extremely lucky person.” Cass’s daughter Owen, a singer, lives in Sherman Oaks, Calif., with her husband of five years, music producer Jack Kugell, 29.“It’s quite amazing how they’ve all come through, isn’t it?” Truly amazing, given the crazy patchwork that was their growing-up years.

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    "When it came to beautiful women and money," Kevin concludes, "it would always end like this." The idea that Kev is kind of an idiot about working and the opposite sex is valid (and well represented throughout the series), but the vague condemnation of women is sexist drivel.

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