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If you mean green as in green is included within the mana cost, then Progenitus would be your best bet. Then when lands of the same name are tapped, they produce one more mana of any kind that land can make. On your turn you gain priority first, on your opponents turn...

Crown of Awe gives a creature (or creatures if you use its sacrifice ability) protection of red and black. You could, however, if you are simply planning to use the counterfeits as proxies, place another card inside of a case with a paper noting that the card is a proxy for another specific card. Technically, you can't "counter" a spell that has already resolved.

So if Stuffy Doll is in play, and you use Pyroclasm (deal 2 damage to all creatures) then two damage will be dealt to Stuffy Doll, which...

A creature's ability can be used as many times as you can pay it, unless stated otherwise.

Created by Richard Garfield, Magic: The Gathering is a card game introduced in 1993.

Each player uses a deck of printed or virtual cards through the Internet-based Magic: The Gathering Online or other third-party programs.1st of all it depends on how the card was exiled as to whether it comes back into play at all.

You can place more than one regeneration shield on a creature, nothing stops this.'Protection from..' means the card can't be damaged, enchanted/equipped, blocked or targeted by something that it is protected against.If a creature attacks, the attacking player must declare, for...Activated abilities that use the tap symbol cannot be played while a creature has summoning sickness.Flying At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Draco unless you pay 10. You can't pick 'Artifact' for the purposes of Extinction.Most artifact creatures have a creature type too - construct, myr, etc, but if it doesn't, then it is technically immune to Extinction, like Morphs. 'Protection from' means the permanant can't be; Damaged by what it is protected from, Enchanted/Equipped by what it is protected from, Blocked by whatever it is protected from, or Targeted by whatever it is protected from. Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game created mathematics professor richard garfield and introduced in 1993 by wizards of the coast .

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