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If a card's not a land, then it's a spell - a creature on the stack waiting to resolve is a 'creature spell', for example.You can use a 'counter target spell' card against creature spells, instants, artifact spells, etc, the only things you can't use it on are lands, or activated abilities. Any sliver is only as good as the slivers around it, and the Queen is delightfully powerful with any slivers around it.If a specific cards requirements are met that causes a card to return to play from the exile zone then the card "comes into play".

Some abilities state they can only be used once per turn, others may state they...

However 'static' abilities such as "other goblin creatures you control get 1/ 1" are not affected, nor are activated abilities that do not use the tap symbol, including some that do require a tap... Rise of the Eldrazi (effective April 23, 2010) This format is called "Constructed." In Extended format, cards from the following sets are legal: ....

If you mean green as in pure green, I would have to say Elvish Piper, for its ability to cast any card from your hand for the cost of 1 green mana. When it comes into play, you exile one of your lands for its Imprint trigger. An instant card may be played at any time you have priority during the game, priority passes backwards and forwards in each step of a turn and each step progresses only when both players decide that they do not wish to take any action.

So if Stuffy Doll is in play, and you use Pyroclasm (deal 2 damage to all creatures) then two damage will be dealt to Stuffy Doll, which...

A creature's ability can be used as many times as you can pay it, unless stated otherwise.

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