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“She’s got a good eye and knack for comedy and so I wanted her to be a part of it and it’s only fitting that [she] is.” Jennifer’s also in the pull quote for the poster — “This special broke us up.” “I mean there’s definitely some stuff in there, not in the special.But the what-I-am in life definitely helped break us up,” he said when asked how much truth was in the tag line.“It’s a lot of things,” Jamie explained to of the inspiration for the comedy special’s title.“I say things that are uncomfortable, I make people uncomfortable…and I get uncomfortable.” In the hour-long show, filmed last year, and premiering on Showtime this Saturday at 9 PM, Jamie peppers his stand-up with amusing stories from his encounters, including some of the more ego-bruising ones that came with dating his then-ladylove Jennifer Love Hewitt. even when I was going out with Love and things were going good, the tabloids could be so mean,” Jamie explained. I think, like Jon Gosselin is probably closer to the bottom. Screech…” Jennifer, who actually styled Jamie for the special, makes a guest appearance in the opening sequence, and the actor/comedian said it came about naturally.“Like one tabloid wrote like, ‘Jennifer Love Hewitt Scrapes The Bottom of the Barrel,’ and I’m thinking like, ‘Really? “She was on a lot of the dates with me when I did the stand up, and she helped me and was instrumental in telling me what was [funny] and what wasn’t,” he said.Hewitt joined the cast of the series in its second season as Bailey's good-natured but tragically misunderstood girlfriend Sarah.

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