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If not that, then it was at least thought up as an effort to appease a group of middle-aged guys in ,000 suits trying to out guess what some homely teenage girl in a suburban shopping mall would find appealing.I'm sorry to say it, but 's first incarnation (there were 2), it told the exploits of Kate (Jean Sagal) and Allison "Allie" Foster (Liz Sagal), identical twins attending high school in Des Monies, Iowa. While the show's scenario was Midwest enough to send any self-respecting New York sophisticate running for the upper levels of the Guggenheim Museum, it did have something that took it beyond the limitations of its wholesome, sickly-sweet plot.However, I did go so far as to lug one from my office every time the show was on to make tapes. Shaw now, but my writing was pretty atrocious back then, and without a computer to spell check, I'm sure Jean must have taken my letters as the flip side of the glamour of having her own show. I understand that people in the offices of TV often intercept these letters and use them as a form of entertainment, parading them around or taking them home to show their spouses and friends. There were no sermons on racial coexistence, or coming of age tips for awkward teens, why there wasn't even one wise beyond her years' seven-year old to set the show's adults straight!When I couldn't, I would beg someone at work who owned a player to tape it for me. I also did something I had never done and have never done since: I wrote fan letters. Reflecting on this today, I have to say that it was probably not the brightest move on my part. The conceit of TV shows, especially the situation comedy variety, that set out to clue its audience into some universal truth has always irked me.The place was a single, long room that we partitioned with boxes and whatnots. For entertainment, we shared a 19-inch TV, a late-60s color thing that required pliers to turn channels. Yet, despite my musical leaning, I'd always had a soft spot for wacky pop culture.It was during the last week of March 1984 when, leafing through that week's TV Guide, I was confronted with an ad featuring the sisters Sagal. When looking at this ad I felt these sympathies surface.Who can forget the driver license switch Kate pulled on the very first episode?

was set where I lived and worked, which while fun, meant that I could scrutinize it against real NYC life.Liz Sagal, born October 9, 1961 in Los Angeles, California, is an American writer who wrote several episodes of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy.Having first worked on the episode "Fa Guan" in the series' second season, she worked on episodes throughout the series' third, fourth, and fifth, and quit after working on the Season 5 episode "Andare Pescare".Besides, I'd be lying if I were to say that I wasn't curious. But there is one thing for certain, one thing I will never forget -- I LOVED the show!I may have watched it alone; I may have watched it with my roommates. It had just the right amount of zany goofiness coupled with the exuberant charm of the Sagal sisters to floor this NY City snob.

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