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Right now all his considerable talent and strength is totally focused on seducing a tiny dog into the elevator door he holds open. Melvin lets the elevator door close and advances on the mutt who has ignores him. The DOG sensing a kindred spirit starts to GROWL and BARK.

ON DOG Sniffing at a particular spot on the hall carpeting. The dog lifts his leg at the precise moment Melvin lunges and picks him up with a decisive heft -- so that dog urine squirts the hall wall for a second or two.

APARTMENT BUILDING (NEW YORK) - HALLWAY - NIGHT As Simon hears MELVIN through the door and takes a step back.

Frank signals encouragement as Melvin opens the door.

Melvin straightens his shirt as he steps out into the hall. At times he places his palms together and extends his arms cutting a path through people. CAROL'S RESTAURANT - DAY ANGLE ON WAITRESS CAROL CONNELLY talks with another MOTHER -- a customer. MELVIN People who talk in metaphors can shampoo my crotch. They turn away -- Melvin walks a few paces to the waitress station where two waitresses, LISA and CAROL, are talking.

His walk is brisk -- an animal wanting to pass through the danger without giving off the scent of its mounting fear.

Jackie lingers, looking on affectionately as Simon picks some awful, sticky gunk from the dog's body... HANDYMAN (smiling) In the basement garbage bin eating diaper shit. HANDYMAN Maybe some nice neighbor shoved him down the garbage chute.

he puts Verdell down to reach for his wallet -- the tiny DOG YAPS in protest. The DOG YAPS "no." Simon, delighted, picks him up again. Simon reacts -- then notices the Handyman, tongue in cheek, trying to suppress his amusement. (looking at Verdell) How did he get down in the basement? Melvin walks back into the apartment and is about to close the door when Simon has another burst of bravery. MELVIN Do you like to be interrupt when you are danging around in your little garden? actually, I even shut the phone off and put a little piece of cardboard in the ringer so no one can just buzz me from d... Simon closes his door leaving Melvin alone in the hallway. PARTY GOER (thinking the greeting's for him) He always liked me. MELVIN'S APARTMENT - OFFICE - NIGHT Quiet -- safe -- just Melvin's voice reading aloud as he writes. ' He almost has the rest of the sentence -- the meaning of love -- but the knocking throws him.

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