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105, related to restriction on transaction of business by officers and employees.

672, related to restriction against creation of new ambassadorships.

1209, related to private secretaries to ambassadors.

104, related to assignment of officers for duty in Department of State or any other department or agency of the Government.

104, related to living, representation, and post allowances.

1209, which related to receipt of official fees and method of accounting therefor, was transferred to section 4224 of this title.

1208, related to examination and appointment on probation of officers.

1208, related to appointment to a class and not to a particular post.

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427, related to Division of Foreign Service Personnel, efficiency ratings, etc. 1213, related to recall to active duty of retired officers. 1213, related to making other laws applicable to Foreign Service officers. See notes preceding section 1 of Title 50, Appendix, War and National Defense. 2071, classified principally to chapter 52 (§3901 et seq.) of this title, repealed the Foreign Service Act of 1946 and further consolidated and revised the laws relating to the Foreign Service.

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