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But while they're having all that fun, they like to do it with lots of other people and in a way that will make the world a better place — all while keeping their eye on the future.

They both aren't afraid to have big dreams, and support each other in achieving them.

But for Leo and Sagittarius, their favorite way to spend time together is in the bedroom.

They also tend to view the world the same way, often agreeing on political and social issues, which is obviously really important.

You might have to wait until another day, but that's probably the worst that will happen. Consult a spiritual advisor now The Lovers card is representative not only of crucial life choices, but also of lovers, couples, and other partnerships, like business partners, siblings, and friends.

Although I’m a skeptic myself, I have lots of friends who are completely transfixed by the study of astrology.

I always know when Mercury is in retrograde, because my Facebook feed is bombarded with, “OMG!

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Each one is always up for a good time, trying something new, and encouraging each other along the way.But beware: things can get tricky is in the bedroom, because Libra likes to take it slow, while Aries goes in for the kill.If Aries can remember that foreplay is really important to Libra, then they're unstoppable.As a Libra who has dated more Geminis than any other signs, I can't help but think this whole astrological thing that so many other people so gung-ho about might have something to it.Although, despite having dated so many Geminis, the man I married is an Aquarius, so... (Tragically, according to the stars, he and I will not have “perfect sex.” Well, that is just awful news, but I will do my best to get over it.)If you are someone who believes that the stars, the planets, and life here on Earth are all completely intertwined, then this list is for you.

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