Lachay dating how old to start dating

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This person had no reason to lie, so if this is true, then it's no wonder his career went nowhere after N'Sync ended. Lol at r86's tale told bitter In real life justin carried those other dudes' dead weight for years.

Maybe he's humbled himself a bit all these years later.[quote]Must be getting ready to leave for London for the rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar. He was too scared to go out alone so they got paid - fair enough.

She's definitely bragged about it when we were at parties.

He is engaged, he is a notorious womanizer, and LOTS of women have enjoyed having sex with him. Last I'd heard of him with anyone was about a year ago when his ex GF of 2.5 years answered q's on her Instagram by saying they broke up because she found out he was screwing around constantly. If they were going to make shit up, they should have made up something that seemed more realistic. I've never known anyone that said they left dissatisfied, myself included.

Mel C of the Spice Girls played Mary Magdalene and Tim Minchin of Broadway's MATILDA played Judas. Maybe it's Justin trying to distract because he's bitter Lance let out his *little* secret. JC was the perfectionist in the group if he was worried about something he might have been moody or had a fight with his girlfriend or he was feeling insecure and it made him bitchy that day. R113 It's hard for some people to understand that people might appreciate talent as well as beauty.

The implication of Lance being impressed by JC's cock is that he was unimpressed by Justin's. :) JC is very talented, he truly has an incredible voice. Very sad JCS got cancelled, the show looked like a great time and I know JC would have great as Pilate.

lol There are some concert pictures where little JC makes himself known. He's written convincing songs about having sex with women and had a mix of long-term and short-term girlfriends but where there is smoke there is often fire, one would assume he's at least bi-sexual.

It's a stereotype but he can be flamey which adds to the feeling there is fire behind the smoke. Has a girl group with songwriter/producer Jimmy Harry called Girl Radical. Some of those young women are only 11 or 12 years younger than him, but in 'Nsync they considered JC the dad, because he was responsible and took care of everyone.

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