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JC's pants fit in an interesting way over the crotch in this one, Latin Grammy's 2001 for the Spanish version of This I Promise You. Years ago they used to be slightly discolored but he's been getting them whitened for years just like almost every other person in the entertainment industry. JC, in a surprising turn of events after months of saying he didn't care about anything but Girl Radical and years of saying he pretty much had no interest in performing again as a singer, is doing the 50 city North American Arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. Another with the same fan.[quote]JC seems like a nice guy.

He doesn't have chiclet teeth, that doesn't mean they are terrible He has a lovely smile, especially when he gives one of those big grins. I know someone who had to deal with him once during the N'Sync days and they said he was the biggest asshole in the group who truly thought he was an A-lister.

Morrison is engaged, meaning he wants to remain in the closet. If he comes out it'll be because it doesn't matter anymore.

Anyone who's followed his career knows he doesn't want to be notable for his personal life, he wants to be notable for his work and if he can't be notable for his work, he'd rather not have it.

She's definitely bragged about it when we were at parties.

Maybe he's humbled himself a bit all these years later.[quote]Must be getting ready to leave for London for the rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar. He was too scared to go out alone so they got paid - fair enough.

Mel C of the Spice Girls played Mary Magdalene and Tim Minchin of Broadway's MATILDA played Judas. Maybe it's Justin trying to distract because he's bitter Lance let out his *little* secret. JC was the perfectionist in the group if he was worried about something he might have been moody or had a fight with his girlfriend or he was feeling insecure and it made him bitchy that day. R113 It's hard for some people to understand that people might appreciate talent as well as beauty.

The implication of Lance being impressed by JC's cock is that he was unimpressed by Justin's. :) JC is very talented, he truly has an incredible voice. Very sad JCS got cancelled, the show looked like a great time and I know JC would have great as Pilate.

One of my female friends had sex with JC like two years ago but she was upset when he wouldn't return her calls.

It's funny because in high school she was very "goth/anti-establishment" so the thought of her getting fucked by a former boybander was kind of funny.

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