Javascript validating empty fields consolidating school districts pros cons

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We could just choose to ignore those browsers, but I think that would be a shame, especially when the problem is so simple to workaround.

In future, if we decide we need to store the reason something was invalid, we can replace true/false here with a string containing an error message.If I'm right about this, I can't use this property to make a field "required." How can I validate that a Formview field has a non-empty value? Doug Also (related to validation) when the validation is fired and a validation error occurs it appears that the "form Value Error" class is added to the DIV for the field on the Formview, but the error string returned by the validation javascript is injected after the field template (see attached screenshots).Is there a template placeholder that can be used for rendering/styling field validation error text?We are going to need a validation function for that.It will accept the current values of the fields and returns us the JS Bin on If you look at the JS Bin above, you may notice something odd.

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