Itemupdating read only field

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Take a look to Handle Update method in the Details View control using reflector and you will find it does not include Read-only fields when extracting values from fields.I have a list (assume an issues list) and there is a workflow associated with it.Connection fields allow you to choose a tied record from another Object - when you click on any of the empty cells under your Customer column, you'll be able to choose the customer that particular Invoice connects to.Make sure to set at least one Invoice to the test Customer we created earlier: 1.

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One of the flexible and new features came with ASP. This data bound control is used to display the values of a single record from a data source in an HTML table, where each table row represents a field of the record.

Once you have a workflow action for setting an item's permission level, simply add a step to your existing workflow to set Full disclosure.. I've tested it with Share Point 2007 only, but it may also work with Share Point 2010 (unfortunately I don't have access to a Share Point 2010 environment to test). Have workflow switch to the custom CT one the item is "closed".

Personally, I like the first option better as it fits in with Share Point's security philosophy of not letting the user attempt what they do not have permissions to do. Add a read-only view of the item data to your Edit Form.aspx, and in Designer add class "hidden" to your read-only view.

In c# code I have created in vs an eventreceiver on itemupdating.

Name)); //Setting the property of people picker column currentitem["Betrokken specialisten"] = s PField User Value Collection; //Update List Item this.

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