Is prince harry still dating chelsy davy

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The occasion marks the first time Harry, 25, and Davy, 23, have been photographed together since they split early this year. There was a double reason to celebrate Friday — Harry passed his basic helicopter piloting exams and will now relocate to another base for the next stage of his training.Sources at the time always said they would remain friends and, while both have been linked with other partners since they parted in January (and briefly reunited two months later), they have gradually been spending more time together. That base is nearer to London, where Davy, who celebrates her 24th birthday this week, is a junior lawyer. James's Palace would not comment on his reunion with Davy, but confirms that he is progressing in his career.The prince is on the cover of , is the 31-year-old’s palace-bound paramour? Now, as you may recall, Harry was rumored to have reconnected with Davy—who is currently working as a lawyer in South Africa—during his stay in Africa this summer.

Do you think that they will make it down the aisle?The latest rumor says Prince Harry is totally impressed by Zimbabwean girl Chelsy Davy? The entire royal family is happy to see a genius and creative girl holding Harry?s hands., Chelsy shifted her career from attorney to jewelry line. Prince Harry is glad to see her pursuing a great career and somewhere he is feeling like proposing her once again. s brother Prince William and Kate Middleton are completing five years of their marriage.PHOTOS: Prince Harry's hottest moments The sexy redheaded royal and Davy, 29, have been secretly meeting up since a date in February, sources tell Us.For Harry’s 31st birthday, the bubbly corporate lawyer flew 8,500 miles to be by his side in London.

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