Investigate spouse dating

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Deal with them head-on and you can find your way back to "in-love" with almost any wife who loves you.

Last summer, Fox News anchor Bill O' Reilly came to believe that his wife was romantically involved with another man.

In this post and the one to follow, I tackle the question of how to avoid being blindsided. You might hurt her or make her feel like dirt at any moment, usually while you're drinking, doing drugs, or crazy angry.

If your wife is saying, "I love you, but I am no longer 'in love' with you," your marriage is not over yet, but it could be soon. [Solution: rehab, therapy, anger management classes, or Dr.

"I don't know if the investigation is ongoing or concluded," he said, "so I wouldn't comment.

But I will tell you this much: I was never contacted by Bill O' Reilly or anyone associated with him and asked to launch an investigation." Asked if he knew O' Reilly personally, Mulvey replied, "Yes." He refused to answer further questions.

The source provided contemporaneous e-mail traffic to support his account.

Gawker's source is someone who has a longstanding personal relationship with Harasym, and who heard the account directly from Harasym himself.

Mulvey and O' Reilly may have gotten to know each other at events like the one pictured here: A December 2010 fundraiser for the NCPD Foundation that both men attended.

The foundation doesn't disclose its donors, and its president, David Mack, didn't return a phone call seeking comment.

We reported in June that Bill O' Reilly and his wife of 15 years Maureen Mc Philmy O' Reilly seem to be on the outs.

Last summer she purchased a separate home under her own name, and transferred her voter registration to the new address, while O' Reilly kept his registration current at their old address.

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