Intimidating shout spell

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If you are focusing on a burst build having more of this stat can help you get that lucky crit streak and kill an opponent before they can react. The usefulness of this stat is heavily dependent on the situation and the opponent.

Stunned opponents, disarmed opponents with no offhand weapon/shield, feared/hexed/and otherwise not in control of their character opponents, and opponents you attack from behind can not block or parry.

You need to achieve this one's soft cap (5%) or get as close to it as soon as possible.

Achieving the soft cap will guarantee that you won't miss with your abilities (you can still miss with auto-attacks).

It's fucking insane and i love it Your grind will be a little slow, even after picking up , until is available at level 55-58, making you a shield-slamming powerhouse. If you have spare rage, use , or and if you have a LOT of rage.

Heroic Leap "Fix" [May, or may not work on Molten] With the buggy Heroic Leap path finding as it is now, this trick can be life-saving; if you are falling (= fall 1.5x your normal jump height) the ability ignores completely all pathing and lets you jump. Posted 30 March 2012 - PM You need to get hc gurthalak like i did, then we're completely fine. If you've got Glyph of Revenge, use Heroic Strike after a successful Revenge.

Hopefully understanding what each stat offers will help you towards picking your correct path.

Because everyone's stat priority can be different, and because gear is mostly centrally located, I decided to leave out a list of specific gear/gems/enchants.

Tank spec’d opponents, and certain talents of certain classes mean they will block or parry much more often than a typical opponent.

There seems to be a divergence among high rated players.

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