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Tank spec’d opponents, and certain talents of certain classes mean they will block or parry much more often than a typical opponent.

There seems to be a divergence among high rated players.

#showtooltip /stopcasting /cast Slam /stopcasting /startattack VI.

Tips & Trickss Double Stun This tip is mostly useful for arenas.

The queue for tanks is typically minimal, if not nonexistent.

With that in mind, a good Dungeon Leveling Protection build should include: As for Glyphs, and combined with make you an absolute Ao E god.

It's fucking insane and i love it Your grind will be a little slow, even after picking up , until is available at level 55-58, making you a shield-slamming powerhouse. If you have spare rage, use , or and if you have a LOT of rage.

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Because everyone's stat priority can be different, and because gear is mostly centrally located, I decided to leave out a list of specific gear/gems/enchants.

The more experience Warriors are probably already familiar with this trick, but most newer ones seem to have a tendency to get tunnel vision on a single target.

You should save your Heroic Fury and Intercept for when your target is close to death, then Intercept the healer Intercept your target for effectively locking both players down for four seconds.

Pv P gear can be attained at your local Pv P vendors in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

I suggest you use your local neighborhood Wowhead and track down the enchants and gems you desire for your particular build.

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