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You have to look in their face for a second or two, then look at their eyes for a second or two, then look at their nose for a second or two, then repeat the loop.You don’t need to focus on the eyes—it can be perceived as very intimidating and very disconcerting.” Mistake #6: Intense seriousness Sure, the office is a place of business, but that doesn’t mean you should walk the halls with a stern face.Looking away from a person's eyes might convey hesitation or lack of confidence, which could weaken your chances of getting the raise you want.Likewise, too much eye contact can make you seem desperate or intimidating.

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Limp or lame handshakes make a horrible first impression and can make business contacts doubt your abilities.“If you are not smiling, it sends the message that you are not happy or engaged,” says Dr. “You have to smile.” Mistake #7: Tapping your feet or wringing your hands We’ve all seen that person in the office who just cannot stop bouncing their knee or tapping a pencil. But more importantly, she says, “You have to be interested not interesting.It doesn’t only convey nervousness, this behavior can also signal a larger problem. Glass contends that “body language that shows a lack of confidence includes fidgetiness, playing with hands or feet, shuffling or tapping feet.” Instead, try chewing gum or just nixing this bad habit altogether. Be concerned about what you’re doing and about what you can do for the company, not what the company can do for you.Instead, maintain eye contact with your supervisor for a few seconds at a time.This will be enough to convey your most confident self, but not so much that it compromises your image.

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