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If you lean away from the person you’re speaking with, it sends the message that you are not interested or not engaged with the other person,” she says.Mistake #5: Direct eye contact “Looking someone directly in the eyes is one of the old fashioned communication rules from the ‘60s but that’s not how you are supposed to communicate,” insists Dr. “You are not supposed to look someone directly in the eye, you’re supposed to look them directly in the face.“It won’t come off as overly cocky or confident because good posture is important to be taken seriously by another person.” Mistake #3: Flimsy handshake While the power grip isn’t a must-have for everyone, we can all agree that the limp, fishy handshake is the worst.Limp or lame handshakes make a horrible first impression and can make business contacts doubt your abilities.

Eye contact can make or break your presence in a meeting, since it simultaneously conveys confidence, attention, and trust.

You cannot talk about you, you have to talk about them.

You love the prospect of making more money and and hate the fear of rejection.

“Introvert and extroverts need to be mindful of their body language to make a good impression,” says Dr. “You have to convey that you’re confident, that you’re an open person and that you’re the type of person that someone wants to work with or do business with.” Facial expressions, body language, and linguistics can be bigger indicators of your abilities as an employee than your work product.

In other words, no matter how great your results or final project may be, the cues you are giving through your body language and disposition can undermine your success, and influence your chances for promotion, a raise, and even career growth. Glass to help us identify seven body language mistakes we may be making that are giving off a horrible first (or second or third) impression.

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