Internet dating openers

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Basically the above message is a 1-2 punch that science says she’ll find irresistible.

There’s no denying it – when it comes to boosting your response rate, science is your friend.

We know, because we’ve used them for our clients here at Virtual Dating Assistants.

But before you go crazy with ctrl-C & ctrl-V, one word of warning – as much as we believe in the power of copy and paste messages, POF dislikes them.

Of course, compared to what’s next, getting that first response is the easy part.

Hitting those three marks in an engaging way is easier said than done, but avoiding these icebreaker DON’Ts will help you create some winners: Once you’ve written a few opening lines, make sure to keep track of the results.

You don’t want to waste time by continuing to send a dud.

Keep the openers with the highest response rate, and your inbox will fill up in no time.

Most any woman is going to say she’s got a sense of adventure; it’s an online dating universal, right up there with “I love travel”.

If you happen to notice you’ve got a hobby in common with a woman who intrigues you, pounce on it.

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