Input mask validating type dating website 55 and over

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I am only referring to form input fields, masking the values returned from the database is not a problem.

So for input fields there is no other solution besides the hidden field ?

For a full list of deprecated features, refer to Deprecated features.

Some attributes apply to only specific display formats. In HTML format forms, standard HTML input control attributes not listed above are passed to the HTML and have their normal effect.

for billing zip code ***** without affecting the validation? Sorry for the delayed response, changing type to password would have worked but some fields require masking like aaa***b, so I type=password will not work I use j Query validation plugin on all my website but never had the need to mask fields but I'm sure for some people it's a common practice. If your talking about form inputs that the user is typing in you could use javascript to save the original value somewhere (eg.

Hi, You didn't answer my question You have a form field and you want to mask certain characters of the input (e.g. Can this code be incorporated with j Query Validation plugin?Use this attribute to limit the number of requests that are sent to the server when a user types. Note: The only way to get the default behavior is to omit the attribute.Otherwise, the delay must be a nonzero integer value. A comma-delimited list that sets the names of the weekdays displayed in the calendar.Note: this would not be necessary if JS supported negative lookbacks. The attributes auto Suggest and source For Tool Tip are impacted after deprecation of YUI and Spry libraries in Cold Fusion 2016 (Update 3).

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