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People magazine not only unearthed those incredible culinary details, but reports that toward the end of the meal, the tattooed duo were seen holding hands!

“He’s barely six inches and he has no idea what to do with it,” said Janine Lindemulder, who was recently arrested for sexual harassment.

Kat, who even defended James and his mistress this spring, holding hands with him as they left and headed to a black Mercedes James was driving. He's on three ex-wives and at least that many mistresses at last count.

That doesn't necessarily mean he'll cheat on you too ...

Prior to Tweeting the post, Kat told the KROQ morning show DJs that one fan had Tweeted her over the weekend, demanding she clear up the rumors via Twitter. I think we’re entitled to know since you’re putting yourself out there.’” Kat recounted.

Shortly after visiting KROQ radio’s “Kevin & Bean” show in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, where she skirted around questions about the nature of her relationship with the West Coast Choppers boss, she confirmed on Twitter that she and Jesse were a couple. “And yes, Jesse and I are dating,” she wrote, before quickly removing the post, leading many to wonder if the rock ‘n’ roll chick was just joking, following an interview that probed her about the reported romance.

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