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Mugabe succumbed to pressure to quit from the military, the ruling party and massive demonstrations.

And it appears the chaotic week has taken its toll on the former dictator.

Zimbabwe's new president Emmerson Mnangagwa paid tribute to Robert Mugabe as he was sworn in, praising his ousted predecessor as a 'mentor' and 'father'.

The in his inauguration speech, the hardline politician known as The Crocodile, urged his countrymen to 'let bygones be bygones' after 37 years of dictatorship in the country.

Details of the despot's direct involvement - said to be confirmed in telegrams and telephone records obtained by the secret police - would have left him open to war crimes charges.

Hours before he resigned on Tuesday night, prompting euphoric scenes as thousands poured onto the streets, Mugabe received a chilling visit from General Constantine Chiwenga, the military leader of the coup.

Among his other pledges, Mnangagwa also vowed to fight poverty and corruption as well as pay compensation to farmers who lost land under the Mugabe regime.'Our economic policy will be directed for job, job, job creation. You, me, all of us who make up this nation,'Mugabe, 93, was not present to hear his successor's praises. President elect Emmerson Mnangagwa (centre, left) arrives with his wife Auxilia (centre, right) at the National Sport Stadium in Harare, on November 24, 2017 during the Inauguration ceremony.

They walk under a banner which reads, 'The people have spoken'People gather for the presidential inauguration ceremony of Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare, Zimbabwe, today.

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But Mugabe shocked the world for the second time in two days by standing down in a letter read out by the speaker of the parliament which sparked jubilation in the streets of Harare.The incoming Zimbabwe leader assured the former president he and his family would be safe in the country when the two men spoke for the first time since Mnangagwa returned home this week.He arrived at his inauguration at the National Sports Stadium in Harare this morning to a cheering crowd alongside the soon-to-be First Lady of Zimbabwe Auxillia Mnangagwa.The Crocodile insisted it was time to rebuild the nation from the foundations Mugabe had laid down.After taking the oath Mnangagwa received the chain and sash of office, and took salutes and pledges of allegiance from the country's military and security chiefs.

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