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At the age of nine Donald was enticed on board a vessel, lying at Boston harbor, by the promises of some bright shells.

For seven long years he sailed around the world until he eventually managed to escape and return home.

Here he planned to manufacture a clock of his own invention, a complicated clock on which he held several patents.

It ended in failure due to manufacturing difficulties and the family moved back to New York.

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From the outset progress was slow and there appeared little prospect of Mozart being capable of turning his design into a viable product.A fourth daughter Anna would be born in 1862 in New York.Don was by all accounts a little temperamental, somewhat unstable and difficult to live with, nevertheless he and Anna Maria remained married until his death.Just prior to the Hampden movement being transported to the Soviet Union a 'White Émigré who had escaped the purges following the communist revolution, was building up the Clinton Watch Co. There is little documentation in the public domain about the important and extended period when the Hampden heritage was rescued by the Manheimer Watch Co., and later the Clinton Watch Company., today's Hampden Corporation and I hope to engage others to contribute to that important chapter in the brands survival.This is not a work of great academia - I'm a storyteller not an expert.

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